Stretch: Before & After Exercise

When people think of back pain or sports injuries, they may think about hard hits in a football game, or sprained ankles from running cross country. You might be surprised to learn that many injuries can occur because of a neglect to stretch before and after exercises.

Your muscles can’t go from 0 to 60 in a 2.5 seconds. If you try to make them, you get sore and you could get injured. Even if you work out every single day and do the same routine every single time, your muscles need to loosen up. This helps get the blood flowing, giving them more oxygen to use to help you exercise more efficiently. If you just jump right in, pulled muscles can occur before you even count to three on your first rep.

Your joints also need to loosen up before you go full swing into your routine. There are special lubricants released by the body that help joints stay flexible and working as they should. If you don’t stretch before hitting the weight machine or sprinting around the track, you could cause some serious and painful joint problems.

While stretching is important before you do any exercise, you also have to stretch afterwards. This gives your heart time to slowly settle back to a resting rate and also helps the muscles and joints relax and get the full benefit of the workout.

If you are concerned with how to stretch correctly before and after exercise, call the Rochester NY back pain specialists at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness and let us explain the best warm up and cool down techniques. Causing yourself back pain and injury when it can be avoided is no way to go about trying to get back in shape. Let our Rochester NY back pain experts help you start the New Year out on the right and properly stretched foot.