Chiropractic Care May Help With ADHD For Adults and Children

The causes, effects, treatments and symptoms of ADHD have been studied for a number of years now. The disorder has affected the lives of millions of Americans and can have a profound effect on daily life, school, social relationships and work life as more and more children and adults alike struggle to accomplish what many of us take for granted.

ADHD has typically been treated with a number of medications and behavior therapies for the last decade. In fact, the treatment of ADHD with medication has jumped 2000% in the last decade alone. While doctors and teachers may be quick to decide that a child’s ADHD needs to be treated with medication, there are alternatives that garner positive results and keep a child or adult from having to be solely dependent on prescription drugs for the foreseeable future.

One alternative treatment gaining attention is the use of chiropractic care to help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. While chiropractic care is not a cure for the disorder; it has been shown to help countless individuals deal with the symptoms and pinpoint nerve and spinal issues that may very well be contributing to the toll ADHD takes on daily life. Many leading experts agree the spinal cord and nervous system plays a role in how the brain the works and how ADHD presents itself in many of those with the disorder. Any kind of spinal misalignment may alter the normal functions of the nervous system and how the brain interprets stimuli and the sense of reward and satisfaction. When interrupted, the mind may still actively seek reward or a sense of satisfaction regardless of what external stimuli may be satisfying. The constant “unrest” enhances the typical symptoms of ADHD and can leave a sufferer longing for a way to find contentment. For some who struggle, the correct and expert course of treatment from a highly trained chiropractor may be the key to finding relief, in conjunction with prescribed medication or instead of reliance on prescriptions.

While chiropractic care does not claim to help everyone in need of relief from their ADHD symptoms, for many it is a surprising and effective avenue of treatment. The fact that it is also a natural and drug free treatment makes it all the more appealing for people, especially for children. If you or a family member have dealt with ADHD far too long or you are simply curious as to whether or not chiropractic care may help in some way, contact Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness and find out what chiropractic care may do for you.