Recover From This Tough Winter by Giving Laser Therapy a Try

Laser therapy might sound a little frightening at first. However, it is anything but frightening. It could be the one thing that helps you recover from the incredibly long and hard winter we all just went through. If you have never tried it before, the Rochester NY chiropractor at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness can help you understand the benefits.

Laser therapy uses a laser and has many of the same effects as a traditional massage and more. It actually leads to a reduction of inflammation. This alone helps all kinds of conditions or problems with the body, including: headaches, back pain, and arthritis linked to inflammation. It really helps those achy joints you may have aggravated by shoveling snow day after day. Also, laser therapy can actually stimulate nerve cells under the skin. This can help those who have numb spots on their body. This stimulation also helps when it comes to tissue repair, which can greatly help those who have had surgery.

Laser therapy is painless, beneficial, and can be the best way to address so many issues this winter may have caused you. Call the Rochester NY Chiropractic experts at Campanella and find out just how much of a help laser therapy may be for you.