There is Help for the Degenerative Disc Disease for Patients in the Rochester Area

Once you have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, the hunt may be on to find the best source of relief. If you haven’t thought about chiropractic care as a pain relief solution, you may be missing out on the most natural and medication-free treatment available.

Degenerative disc disease Rochester area patients battle can really slow them down and impact every area of their lives. Many doctors simply want to prescribe fast acting pain medications. Some may also tout the benefits of back surgery to fuse the vertebrae or remove discs. However, the pain medications on the market today can be addictive and have more side effects than you can shake a stick at. As for surgery, the long recovery time, and the percentage of back surgeries that actually fail to help the problem can be very discouraging. Before you try something that is irreversible or a treatment that may cause more harm than good, look into chiropractic care.

At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, our professionals will take the time needed to go over your unique situation. Just because you have a degenerative disc disease Rochester patients in the area also have, doesn’t mean the same treatment will work for you. Our personalized approach means we will invest the time and energy needed to help you achieve the optimal results. With our pain-free and natural approach, you can find relief from pain, tingling, numbness, and discomfort. You can also find a marked improvement in your ability to get through the day, all possibly without any pain medications at all. While chiropractic care can’t restore your disc health or regrow tissue that has deteriorated, we can help you find a more comfortable and pain-free way to deal with degenerative disc disease Rochester patients may have suffered with for far too long.