How in the world do you cope with Fibromyalgia?

Are you one of the millions of people who have to live with fatigue and radiating gnawing, shooting, or burning muscle, tendon and joint pain all the time? Is your body full of tender points on your neck and buttocks? Do you have increased sensitivity to pain, heat, cold? Do you suffer from the sleepless nights, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, brain fog, depression, and/or anxiety? Sounds horrible, doesn’t it. Well, that’s what folks who suffer from Fibromyalgia must endure.

Did you know that, of the millions of people who suffer from this horrible, painful disease, most of the sufferers are women? No one knows the exact cause of it. No one knows why the number of sufferers is growing. But, through Chiropractic, there is hope of relief from all those horrible symptoms.

The Medical Community is at a loss when confronted with fibromyalgia. They prescribe drugs, such as NSAIDs, prescription pain killers, antidepressants and more – and, yes, for some, there is a short term relief from some of the symptoms, but, seldom, all of them. Why? The drugs only mask the symptoms and do not attempt to treat the source. Now the medical community is recognizing the limited, short-term success rate with drug therapy and are combining that with physical therapy, counseling, and support groups. But, even these approaches have shown very limited success.

More and more, people suffering with fibromyalgia are turning to the drug-free total wellness chiropractic approach! Why? Because it gets results and in a far higher percentage of the cases than the medical treatments can reach. Even sufferers who have had no success with drug and physical therapy treatments have found relief with a combination of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and massage therapies.

The roll your doctor of chiropractic is to free you from a severe form of stress found in your body: the subluxation, or a distortion of your spine and body structure that stresses your brain, spinal cord, nerves, joints, ligaments, muscles, internal organs and other tissues. Studies have proven that the pain and suffering of fibromyalgia can be directly linked to severe bodily stress caused by subluxation. By realigning the spine, the symptoms go away. That is because your body’s natural healing ability, when not impaired by subluxation, is better able to deal with all your health problems, including fibromyalgia. Hundreds of thousands of cases which have been treated with a total wellness chiropractic approach have achieved freedom from suffering. You can become one of the victors over pain. Call us now and find out how you, too, can become victorious in your battle over pain.