Water Massage Therapy May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered!

No one should ever just live with pain and discomfort. There are many forms of treatment to help the most severely pain afflicted individual to those who deal with minor aches and pains that simply cause mild discomfort here and there. The traditional, western medical treatment many people subscribe to simply revolves around finding the most effective pain medication to treat any level of discomfort. At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, we strive for a healthier, more effective, and overall safer way to treat any and all levels of pain and discomfort. All of our services are provided by highly trained professionals who want nothing but the best treatment and real tangible results for everyone who walks in our door.

Everyone knows massage therapy is an effective way to treat sore muscles and painful conditions that affect the entire body. Another form of massage therapy that is gaining in popularity because it works wonders is Aquamassage. While a typical and traditional massage involves disrobing and letting someone you may not know have virtual full access to your body, aquamassage is an entirely different experience. It is done in a machine that completely surrounds your body with pressure water jets, set at a steady temperature, that pulsate up and down your body. The most appealing and astounding part of aquamassage for those new to it is that you are completely clothed and you stay dry the entire time. You can simply climb in, climb out feeling amazing and head straight back to work or home.

Aside from the obvious convenience of staying dry and not having to rely on someone to actually massage you, there are plenty of other added bonuses to giving aquamassage a try. An aquamassage works to specifically increase your circulation and break up knots that build up along your neck and spine. Those knots inhibit full range of motion, cause tension to spread, and cause pain all over. Breaking them up is, in an essence, a way to set your muscles and joints free. The correct level of pressure is also constant as opposed to the kind of pressure a masseuse may be able to maintain. When you let a human handle the job, you may simply be the last appointment of the day, when her or his own muscles ache and they simply can’t put their full force into taking care of your needs. With an aquamassage, it does not matter if you are first for the day or if you are the 100th client. The pressure and the performance is the same time after time, meaning you get optimal results every time you give it a try.

If you have never given aquamassage a try, call Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness today and see if it the pain remedy you have been waiting for.