Understanding the Benefits of Decompression Therapy

Chiropractic doctors know that many individuals suffer from one or more herniated discs. This can lead to a lower quality of life, depression, and extreme pain. Even worse, the pain is often found in more areas than just the back. Migraines, headaches, leg pain, hip pain, and more can all be caused by a herniated disc.

Often, people are led to think that the only solution to a herniated disc is surgery. However, this is not true. Some chiropractic doctors offer decompression therapy, which can help relieve the painful symptoms of a herniated disc and offer a wide variety of benefits.

Spinal decompression is done by a chiropractor, and it is extremely important that you seek one who is qualified to perform decompression therapy. This will help protect you from possible injury. To find a qualified chiropractor, you can talk to your physician or get a referral from family members or friends who may have undergone chiropractic treatment.

If done by a professional, decompression therapy is safe. It is less invasive than surgery and carries fewer risks than surgery. Additionally, compression therapy does not require anesthesia, which also carries risks. In fact, there are very few risks behind decompression therapy, as long as you are working with someone who is qualified– we can’t stress this enough!

When performed correctly, decompression therapy is also very effective. In fact, it has been shown to have an 80% success rate when it is performed correctly and on the right candidate. However, it does take 15 to 24 sessions to complete, so you will need to set aside an adequate amount of time to complete the therapy. All things considered, this is much less time than you would spend healing from surgery.

Done in two phases, decompression therapy actually pulls and stretches the herniated discs apart. This pulls the bulge back to where it belongs, and it also pulls oxygen, water, and nutrients that are needed for healing into the spine. The result is a stronger, healthier disc that works the way it is supposed to.

Decompression therapy may be able to help you feel better, experience less pain, and gain back the quality of life you have lost. If you are tired of dealing with the pain of a herniated disc, talk to chiropractic doctors to see if you are a qualified candidate.