Treat Pain with Relaxing Chiropractic Aqua Massages

Chiropractic aqua massages have revolutionized the chiropractic industry and helped many individuals reduce stress and pain. This recent addition to chiropractic clinics has been used to treat patients with many different health problems including general tension, circulatory problems, car accident recovery, and even myofascial problems. As the popularity continues to grow, more and more individuals have expressed interest and curiosity in this new type of treatment.

Chiropractic aqua massages are performed by aqua massage tables. These tables use heated, high pressure water to perform a complete or targeted massage on the body. A waterproof membrane separates the patient from the water and a control panel is used to control the amount of pressure as well as the area that the pressure is applied.

In most cases, patients claim a great reduction in pain in just 15 minutes. Patients often visit during lunch hours or are administered chiropractic aqua massages after general chiropractic care. Patients are finding that this treatment has greatly increased the progress made in their chiropractic treatments and reduced their level of pain at the same time.

Aqua massages are not yet available in all clinics or in all areas. However, they have grown dramatically in their popularity over the last couple of years, and clinics that have added aqua massage to their offered treatments have seen an increase in client satisfaction. Here at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness Center, an aqua massage is available for your convenience!

Chiropractic aqua massages have also eliminated the frustration and inconvenience of experiencing a poor massage therapy session. Because the patient can control the areas massaged, the patient experiences a more tailored massage. This provides the patient with a better overall massage experience and even better results. Therapeutic benefits range from relief from muscle tension to increased range of motion. Many patients even experience increased blood circulation as well.