Tips for Maintaining Good Back Health in 2012

Chiropractic doctors offer a lot more than just services to help heal and lessen back pain, but they definitely see their fair share of back and neck injuries. Whether sports related or a result from an auto accident, back injuries can seriously impact your way of life. Still, it is the simple things we do from day to day and the lifestyles we choose that also impact our overall back health. As with many health problems, the key to maintaining a healthy back begins with proactive steps you can take every single day to prevent back pain from worsening or from occurring in the first place.

Stay fit. This is an important part of keeping your back in good health, and it offers countless other benefits to your health as well. Excess weight can cause back pain and cause your muscles to have to work harder to properly align your posture, and keeping your muscles stronger in general can help ensure that you do not easily pull muscles. It also makes you less susceptible to other injuries. Besides, what better time of year to join a gym than the New Year, right?

Lift properly. This is another must. You’ve always heard to “Lift with your legs, not your back.” Well, this advice definitely holds some credibility. According to Cleveland Clinic’s official website, you should bend at your knees and hips with your back straight before lifting an object, and be sure to have firm footing before bending down to pick something up.

Sit up straight. Another age-old piece of advice that is warranted. To maintain a healthy back and proper posture, you should sit with your shoulders back and your back straight, avoiding the same sitting position for longer than 30 minutes.

Keep these tips in mind to earn a good report from your next chiropractic doctor appointment!