Tips for Keeping a Healthy Back

Chiropractic doctors know all about back pain and back problems. They see patients come in and out of their offices day after day with back and spine problems. Many of these back problems are due to specific injuries or lifestyle choices, such as playing certain sports or a lack of exercise.

Still, even subtle back pain can be a sign that minor back pain can eventually lead to more serious spine or back problems over time. Sciatica, poor posture, and tension are all possible problems that can occur from placing too much stress on your back. Not providing enough support is also another common cause for painful episodes and an unhealthy back.

To keep a healthy back, here are some tips you can follow that are all simple, helpful, preventative measures to support a healthy spine.

1. Sit up straight– How many times have you heard this one in elementary school? As tired of hearing it as you may be, everyone’s told you to sit up straight for a reason. It works! It helps prevent back aches and pain, and it is much better for your spine than slouching.

2. Exercise– Making exercise a lifestyle is another thing you hear all the time from doctors, but that’s because it allows you to reap a number of benefits. Exercise (especially exercises for your abs and back) is very important for the spine. It will not only help you fight back pain, but it will help keep your spine in good shape over the years as well.

3. Wear good shoes– Sounds too easy, right? Well, wearing shoes with proper arch and ankle support can make a big difference on the health of your back. It will lessen the strain you place on your spine and will help your overall posture.

Good back health starts with taking proactive steps toward preserving your spinal health!