Tips for Keeping a Healthy Back

Most people associate chiropractic care with taking care of back injuries. Much of our work is in fact dedicated to helping alleviate or manage back pain symptoms, with special attention paid to the spine. Spinal alignment and other forms of treatment can help ease the pain associated with back problems and can also help prevent back injuries from occurring in the first place. However, taking a proactive approach to back health is the first step in building and maintaining a healthy spine.

The following tips for keeping a healthy back are easy to practice on a daily basis:

Watch your weight—As much as you might be tired of hearing this one, it really does make a difference! Maintaining a healthy weight can help avoid putting a lot of strain on your back and neck. Excess weight can take a toll on the whole body, especially the spine.

Pay attention to your posture—Maintaining good body posture is another important part of keeping a healthy back. Pressure on your discs, muscles, and ligaments can really do a number and cause back pain and even injury.

Lift properly—Lifting items properly also impacts your back health and can save you from pain and injury. To lift something properly, remember to keep your legs apart and squat down close to the object, careful to keep your spine aligned as you lift. Most importantly, be sure to lift with your legs, not your back muscles. Many patients seek out chiropractic care due to injuries from lifting items incorrectly.

Practice these simple tips to keep your back in great shape and to earn a healthy report when you receive chiropractic care!