Stress, Depression and the Symptoms They Cause Can be Alleviated Through Chiropractic Care

An injury, accident or just the trails of daily life can lead to many physical ailments which can manifest themselves as stress and depression over time. Stress and depression are so much more than just negative feelings. These conditions affect the body in a number of physical ways that can be treated and alleviated through proper chiropractic care.

Some of the physical conditions stress and depression can lead to include tension headaches, backaches, neck pain, and overall tension throughout the body. A chiropractic alignment can correct and alleviate all of these symptoms.

Symptom alleviation is not all you can expect from chiropractic care for depression and stress. When chiropractic care is given correctly and consistently, blood flow improves along with improved function of the central nervous system. Increased blood flow promotes a reduction in stress hormones and an increase in endorphins; both simultaneously reduce depression and stress symptoms. Chiropractic care also allows for the nervous system to process information correctly and for relief to be felt by the patient. Blocked passages keep relief at bay for those who need to feel it most. The body also heals quicker when chiropractic care is given. After an accident or injury, a slow or difficult healing process can also lead to depression and stress. If the body is given the chance for optimal healing, depression and stress symptoms are alleviated as with the pain or discomfort from the actual injury. Misalignment from an injury can also cause inflammation, which leads to those headaches associated with tension, stress and depression. If inflammation is reduced, symptoms and perhaps even the very cause of stress and depression can be combated. Headaches and body aches from inflammation can lead a sufferer to feel helpless, depressed and obviously more stressed. Chiropractic care can literally nip these headaches and body aches in the bud, opening the door to a more overall feeling of wellness.

When we are stressed or feeling depressed for any reason, our bodies tense up naturally and therefore, throw off the entire balance and alignment we need to feel our best. With chiropractic care from professionals such as Campanella Chiropractic, the tension, aches and pains associated with these two conditions are quelled and become a non-issue. When aligned right, fully pain and tension free, a patient may find their depression and stress issues are unlocked and dealt with in a healthy, safe and more effective way than medication. With effective chiropractic care, there is no need for ongoing suffering from the feelings from stress or depression or the pain that may have led to the conditions in the first place.