A Spray Tan Is The Smarter Choice For a Golden Glow

We all love the sun. It simply makes us feel happier when it is a bright sunny day. We are naturally drawn outdoors to absorb the rays, the vitamin D, and warmth. However, the harsh rays are leading to a frightening rise in skin cancer. It’s a rise that is not limited to older or extremely fair skinned people either. More and more young people are becoming victims of skin cancers meaning the need for sun block has never been greater.

Even though we all know the dangers, everyone still wants that sun kissed natural glow all year round, especially during the summer months. The need and want for that summer glow is especially evident for special events all summer long, such as reunions, weddings, parties, and vacations. When you have that coveted summer glow, you feel more confident and beautiful walking around in a flowing summer dress or posing for pictures with long lost friends.

The healthiest and a very affordable way to get that glow is with a spray tan. At Campanella Wellness, we offer the newest and cleanest methods of spray tanning. In the past, spray tans could look splotchy or streaky. They could also appear off-color or orange in certain lights. Now, a spray tan looks as good as a natural sun tan. However, you do need to know how to achieve the best results and make it last. Before you come in to receive a spray tan, you will want to call the professionals at Campanella and get the list of before and after instructions. There are certain skin care items you will want to avoid and certain products available that will help prime your skin to correctly and efficiently absorb the coloring. With proper care before and after, your professional spray tan from Campanella can last for weeks. A spray tan from us may actually be more affordable than you think. For a realistic looking glow, long lasting results, and an affordable way to look your best, call Campella today to inquire about the before and after instructions and schedule an appointment before the summer months fade away.