Our Spray Tan Can Give You That Coveted Summer Glow!

At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, there is more than meets the eye. We offer services to help your body and overall feeling of wellness inside and out. We offer so much more than chiropractic services. Our spa services have become just as popular as our other services. One spa service that is sure to satisfy our customers is our spray tan services. You can come in and feel so much better inside and have that coveted summer glow outside after indulging yourself in our spa services.

There are many benefits to a spray tan beyond just looking refreshed and sun-kissed in the summer. Everyone knows the dangers and risks involved with old fashioned sun bathing. For generations, women and men enjoyed lying out and feeling the burn to get that summer glow. Now we know even one severe sun burn can lead to potential skin cancer growths. When there are safe and equally great looking alternatives like spray tans available, it’s an easy choice to make. With advances in technologies and coloring agents, spray tans are almost indistinguishable from a genuine “sun” tan. The coloring looks and feels perfectly natural, not splotchy or streaky like some earlier techniques and lotions used. We only use top of the line equipment and colorants to guarantee you will return to get the color you desire time and time again. A spray tan is ideal for the quick results you may need for that summer event like a wedding, vacation, or just to get in the summer spirit.

While we do a great job getting you the tan you want, the results you get do depend on how you care for your tan and your body before and after. Once you make an appointment, our professionals can answer all of your questions and guide you through what to expect and what to do beforehand. One simple tip to know ahead of time is to exfoliate or use a body scrub and shave before coming in. Coming in clean, without makeup, lotions, deodorants and perfumes will ensure desired coverage. How you moisturize and what you moisturize with will also affect how long your spray tan last. You can expect even and natural coverage for five to ten days depending on how closely you follow skin care instructions.

The next time you inquire about our spa and wellness services, check out the process and affordability of our spray tan service and get the glow you want safely.