Relieve ADD and ADHD Symptoms With Chiropractic Care

The amount of children and now adults who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD has increased significantly over the last few decades. Sadly, there is still no definitive cause and no cure that fits all. Once thought to simply mean a kid was fidgety or wouldn’t settle down to do school work has grown to be a severe issue in schools and millions of homes. Many adults now look back and see their own behavior issues or learning difficulties in school may, in fact, have been ADD or ADHD. Both children and adults are looking for relief and many chiropractors have tapped into treatment that may help many of them.

Chiropractic care works to alleviate misalignments, release pinched nerves and restore the spine and body’s proper flow of blood and energy. When there is a misalignment or issue with the spine or neck, it can affect so much more than that particular area. All of the systems of the body are interconnected with the spine. When there is a problem with the spine, there can be effects felt everywhere. There can also be pain. When there is pain, a child may not be able to express or specifically vocalize the source of pain or how that pain feels. They may actually act out aggressively, be unable to focus or follow directions due to the distraction of constant pain, or they may simply express many of the other symptoms of ADD or ADHD. If the issue has been going on long enough, a child or even an adult may not even realize an issue with their spine is affecting so many areas of their life. Having proper chiropractic care or an assessment to see if there is an issue may be the first step to understanding behavior or at least a step in crossing other things off the list before jumping to an ADD or ADHD diagnosis.

Even if ADD or ADHD is the real culprit for behavioral and focusing issues, a misalignment may actually be making a bad situation worse. A child or adult suffering from ADD or ADHD may find chiropractic care goes a long way in relaxing the body and mind and helping patients to better control their bodies. This can help the patient consciously and actively stave off the negative behaviors or inappropriate ticks or twitches they may have otherwise been unable to control.

With the long term effects of medication still unknown and the quick jump to medicating kids in general, parents of kids and adults in general who experience ADD or ADHD symptoms should consider trying chiropractic care first.