More plain talk about total wellness!

In the previous article (we suggest you reread it before you read this one), we talked about our body as being a marvelous machine and introduced you to the idea of how your brain communicates with every cell in your body and how each of those cells also communicates with your brain. We also introduced you to the concept of how your spinal alignment, or misalignment, impacts the efficiency of that communications.

When something is not right with a part of your body, that part of your body will send signals along the electric wires (your nerves) to your brain to try to indicate that something is wrong. That can be something as simple as a signal that a certain group of cells is too cold or too warm or as complex as a signal that a specific area of your body has been invaded with a toxic substance or a viral or bacterial agent that is attempting to cause a problem. When everything works the way it is supposed to, the brain receives the signal, processes the information, makes a response decision, builds a set of instructions for the body, and sends the appropriate signal back through our wiring system to inform the body how to respond.

If, for example, your hands sent a signal to the brain that they were unusually cold, the brain would process that information, and would tell you that you should take specific actions to warm them up. At the same time, it signals the fluid dynamics part of the body (the blood system) to pump more blood to the region to help increase the temperature to normal levels. It also communicates to the visual system to take a look at your hands and send more information as to why the hands might be cold back to the brain so the brain can fine tune the instructions to the body as necessary. Of course, this all happens in fractions of a second…when everything is working as it should!

Your electrical system is a system of nerves that run from your brain through your spinal column to every single cell in your body. As long as your spine is aligned perfectly, one disc in perfect alignment with the one above it and the one below it, those nerves are able to carry the signals from the cells to the brain and from the brain to the cells unimpeded. But, if your spine is slightly out of alignment – one or more of those discs has moved even a little to one side or another, there is pressure applied to the nerves that run through the spine. If that happens, those nerve signals cannot travel with 100 percent efficiency. The worse the misalignment, the harder it is for the signals to make it through the spine. In fact, they might not make it at all, or at least become delayed and confused. It is analogous to trying to power a 100 watt light with only 75 watts of power. It just isn’t going to get as bright. There’s just not enough juice to make it work at 100 percent.

Can you imagine what would happen if those nerve endings in your left hand sent an urgent message to your brain that your hand was on a stove and was getting burned and that message never arrived in your brain because your spine was misaligned and the nerve carrying the signal was pinched?

We’ll return to this subject next week when we’ll explore other ways a misaligned spine can cause problems.