In Pain? Spinal Decompression May Be Right For You!

The reason our spinal decompression therapy has become so popular is because it works for a wide array of back and neck problems. Another reason is simply because it is a non-invasive, drug-free and non-surgical way to alleviate so many sources of pain, from disease to injury.

Spinal decompression done by our chiropractic and wellness professionals basically consists of safely stretching out the spine. We are fully equipped to administer this innovative treatment and keep you comfortable while it is done. The stretching of the spine through spinal decompression allows for all of the pain and pressure from sciatica, arthritis, injury, bulging discs, herniated discs and other pain-inducing spinal conditions and injuries to be alleviated. The stretching allows for a release of that pain-inducing pressure. For those who have tried it, the results have been a source of relief beyond compare. Some patients find the treatment can help with pain they have silently endured for years.

Your individual condition and level of pain will determine the number of spinal decompression treatments you may have to have administered. Our experts are fully trained in how to operate the equipment and are fully capable of diagnosing what course of treatment will yield the best results for you.

At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, our services are aimed at helping those who may have assumed for years that the pain and discomfort they have lived is just what they have to endure. Some may have been told surgery is the only way they will ever find relief. Others may have been told medications are the only source of relief. However, the reason chiropractic care and spinal decompression treatments have become more accepted and more popular is because people who never thought they would find relief simply are. The relief some patients find with spinal decompression treatments means they can have their life back. After a round of effective treatments, some patients find they can perform daily tasks with more ease. They may gain back mobility they thought they was gone forever. And of course, many patients find the drug-free pain relief they need above all else without the fear of surgery looming above their heads.

If pain from any number of conditions or an injury has left you feeling as if the only relief may be surgery or long term medication use, call Campanella Chiropractic & Wellness and see if a course of spinal decompression treatments may exactly what the doctor ordered.