Now is the Time to Think About a Spray Tan

With all of the latest news pointing to the sharp rise of skin cancer amongst younger women, it is time to consider alternatives. Everyone wants that warm summer glow once the weather warms up and bathing suit season approaches. There are more options today than just laying out baking in the sun or climbing into a high powered tanning bed. Today, the spray tan has become the best way to get that coveted glow without the aging, burning or health risks associated with the alternatives.

Spray tans available at Campanella Wellness Center also beat out the at-home options for tanning. Even though there are many name brand self tanners and lotions out there, getting full and even coverage at home just isn’t possible for everyone. Even the best of the best can leave you streaky or splotchy. A spray tan is completely even in coverage and color, every time for everyone. It is a very quick and natural way to get the glow you want without the mess and hassle you have when trying at home products.

When you come in to receive a spray tan at Campanella Wellness, you will be given a full list of the do’s and dont’s of spray tanning. There are basic ways to extend the life of your spray tan also. You can choose to receive your spray tan while wearing a swim suit or underwear, or fully unclothed for women. You will want to shower and exfoliate before you arrive and abstain from lotions and deodorants. Afterwards, it is advised that you do not shower for eight hours. Also, as you avoid showers, avoid getting wet from perspiration also. Therefore, avoid strenuous work or exercise that day. You will also want to arrive in loose fitting and dark clothing, Even though the spray tan solution will wash out of clothes it gets on, dark and loose is the recommendation. While a full list of things to avoid will be given to you when you make an appointment, there are some basics to keep in mind before you even schedule your spray tan. You will want to stay away from bar soaps, loofahs and scrubs, products with alpha hydroxy acids and some exfoliating products. At Campanella, we sell a full line of washes and lotions that you can safely use to extend the life of your spray tan and protect your skin and your investment.

With spray tans being so affordable, simple and safe, there is no question as to why they are growing in popularity the last few years. A spray tan is the best way to get and keep the color you want for summer and the color you may want to continue to have the entire year through.