Do your muscles feel tight? Are there constant aches and pains? Read on!

Millions of people suffer each day from chronic pain, strain, spasm, irritation, or inflammation connected to nerve, muscle, and bone conditions. In most cases, a visit to their doc results in them being sent home with anti-inflammatory drugs and, in a small percentage of times, a script for physical therapy. It’s the same old story. The medical institution prescribes the drugs to treat the symptoms and you are entered into the circle of treatment that keeps you coming back for more drugs and more co-pays. And, if you are real persistent and demand more from your doc, there’ll be X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and perhaps a prescription for those life-threatening steroids!

Stop right there – right now! Think about this: If it is a one time muscle strain or something that will heal itself with rest and PT, then why do you need drugs? What you need is rest and a slow return to exercise. But, if it is a reoccurring pain – a chronic condition, do you really want to fall into the cycle of drugs and more drugs knowing that treating the symptom will only relieve the symptom for awhile, but will do nothing to treat the condition that caused the symptom? Do you?

Those suffering from muscle spasm, neuromuscular pain, fibromyalgia and similar symptoms are seeing chiropractors in record numbers – because they are getting results! Studies have shown that the majority of people who suffer from these symptoms, and from chronic fatigue and trigger point pain, after entering chiropractic care, were able to resume normal lives and return to work – and maintained their much improved life styles one year after beginning treatment! The success rates in chiropractic treatment alone range in the 60 percentile range and, when total wellness care is part of the chiropractic treatments, the success rate is well over 92%!

When you’re in pain that is impacting your life and your life style, those odds are weighed heavily in your favor. And the wonderfully interesting thing about this whole total wellness chiropractic care is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There’s no bodily damaging or life threatening drugs. There’s no long term cycle of symptom treatment. There’s no reoccurring cycle of pain and symptoms that drive you into clinical depression and worse. What there is for you is a full scale treatment assault upon the condition that will not only alleviate the symptoms, but will keep them from returning. What there is for you is a method of regaining control of your life as you reenter a path to a drug free, total health and a life style that will keep you living well and happily for years and years to come.

It’s your choice, you know. You can live in a descending spiral of symptoms or you can choose to treat your body with loving care and enjoy the fact that it will return the favor to you!