Massage Therapy Can Benefit Body and Mind

Massage therapy can be an all encompassing and relaxing way to help you achieve a feeling of total wellness, physically and mentally. While some people naturally assume getting a massage is just a luxurious splurge or it’s a way to pamper yourself on special occasions, there is simply so much more to massage therapy today.

At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, our trained professional staff is able to use massage therapy techniques to help patients deal with a wide range of issues, from injuries, rehabilitation needs, illnesses or debilitating conditions, and in conjunction with chiropractic services.

For physical ailments or conditions, massage therapy can help patients lower their heart rate or blood pressure, easing any strain on the heart or circulatory system. Massage therapy can alleviate or help reduce pain from joint problems, muscle injuries, back and neck pain, and headaches. The pain relief achieved through proper massage therapy may help you greatly reduce the need for pain medication, especially if you are also receiving chiropractic care. Massage therapy is ideal for those who may have had surgery or have had years of athletic training as far as flexibility is concerned. You can regain or maintain the flexibility you need. Improved posture is also a beneficial “side effect” of massage therapy. This benefit translates to less back pain, less stress on the spine, neck, and hips, and helps blood flow too. Massage therapy, much like traditional chiropractic care, works to improve circulation. When circulation is improved, the immune system actually improves, as does the feeling of total wellness that you may be desperately after.

Massage therapy can also help patients who need help with mental or mood disorders. Common disorders, such as anxiety, tension, or depression, may be helped with continued massage therapy. The release of feel-good endorphins and the lowering of cortisol levels (a hormone that is over-produced when the body or mind is stressed) both work to help a patient mentally and physically achieve a sense of wellness. When you engage in regular massage therapy, you may notice an increase in energy levels. While this results from better blood flow and ease of pain, the mental mood lift of having more energy will translate to an overall better sense of wellness and more of a positive outlook when it comes to your health.

Massage therapy truly is a remarkably healthy, all natural, non-invasive, and medication free approach to wellness. With the long list of benefits, affordability, and access to professional therapists at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, it is clear why massage therapy is expanding and bringing relief to many who simply may have suffered silently without it. Look into whether or not today’s approach to massage therapy may help you achieve total wellness.