Massage Therapy Can Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain is an ailment that many individuals experience and can interfere with everyday life. Whether it be upper or lower back pain, massage therapy has proven to be a beneficial pain reliever. With the abundance of benefits to massage therapy, it has become a very popular treatment for sufferers of back pain.

Considering that holistic and alternative medicinal remedies are becoming more acceptable into the practice of medicine; massage therapy has become an extremely credible treatment. There is an abundance of research that proves how several benefits arise from the use of massage therapy for back pain.

Here are just a few benefits of massage therapy:

-Blood flow and circulation increase which helps to properly feed the muscles and the tissues throughout the body. With healthy muscles and tissues, it will provide a faster healing process for those muscles that are sore due to physical activity and even tissue injuries.

-Lack of tension in the muscles which helps the individual to relax. The majority of back pain is derived from stressed and tight muscles.

-Higher levels of endorphins. Endorphins are essentially the chemicals in your brain that help you to feel happier and to generally feel good. As a mood enhancer, endorphins get rid of symptoms of depression and anxiety which have proven to be two sources of muscle pain.

As a treatment to muscle and tissue related ailments, there are three main massage therapies that are used: Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, and Shiatsu massage. The Swedish massage is characterized by long strokes throughout the back mixed with kneading motions to the muscles. When you are looking for treatment relating to pain points, neuromuscular therapy is generally prescribed due to the fact that it treats specific trigger points. Shiatsu massage is commonly used throughout the entire body and combines both Swedish massage and neuromuscular therapy techniques.

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