A little more plain talk about total wellness!

Do you want to be healthier but don’t know where to begin? Are you tired of feeling drained and depleted? Are you losing your vitality, your health, your “spark” and want to reclaim it? Whether it is stress, poor nutrition, health-related issues, or you’ve decided to take better care of yourself, Total Wellness can ease you back into the swing of things and help you to enjoy life to its fullest.

What is total wellness? In short, it is an approach to complete health that is different in its overall approach and aspect than what we are or have been used to for many years. Traditionally, we are told we should eat better, exercise more, and see our physician at least once each year for a physical checkup. Good advice for all of us! But there is a problem with where the ultimate path down which that takes us. It is a process that is training us to believe that if we don’t feel unhealthy, then we must be healthy…and when we finally don’t feel healthy, we also are trained through traditional medicine theology, to treat the symptoms until that unhealthy feeling goes away.

Symptomology – if there isn’t a symptom, there isn’t a problem. This is a totally wrong and dangerous thought process when it comes to our health. We cannot afford to think for one moment that if there is no current symptom, there is no current problem!

Our body is a machine! A very efficient and well-constructed machine! Without question, it is the most efficient machine ever created! It contains a central computer that controls everything this machine does, 24 hours every day. This central computer controls an extremely complex fluid dynamics process, an amazing bio-chemical array of unbelievable complexity, a highly efficient mechanical system, miles and miles of electrical and energy transmission conveyors, an extremely sophisticated and efficient communications system, and even a self-contained plumbing system that processes fuel and eliminates waste.

Like any machine, it only functions at 100 percent when all the parts, systems, and connections are working at total efficiency. This is where the total health concept comes in. Think, for example, if your home heating plant has just one little electrical contact that is beginning to corrode as time passes. This contact is no longer able to pass information from the thermostat to the burner the way it was designed to. As a result, the furnace is not running quite as efficiently as it should and your furnace has to work harder to keep up with the demand for heat. In the process, it may now be drawing more air through the filter and, in the process, more dust that over time will clog up the filter. As the filter clogs up, the furnace has to work harder to fill the requirements from the signals it is receiving across that corroded contact… You can easily see where this is going.

For now, what we want you to consider is that, in that magnificent machine we call your body, your central computer sends electrical impulses through nerves from the brain to every single inch of your body. If your spine is out of alignment even a little, some of those nerves are pinched slightly which is much like that corroded contact and not all of the signal can get through. The body’s efficiency is compromised and it will start to have silent and unnoticed problems which, in turn, will cause other nerves and organs to have to work harder. Over time, just like the furnace in our example, it will begin to break down…clog up…and no longer work the way it was designed.

In the next article, we will continue discussing this concept, how you may be letting your own body degenerate and self-destruct, and what you can do to not only prevent it, but to repair the damage that may already be done!