Did You Know Chiropractic Services Can Help Children Who Struggle with ADHD?

That’s right, a chiropractor can actually help your child if he or she suffers from ADHD. Although chiropractic services have long been associated with helping things like back pain and muscle aches, these services are not limited to helping only these problems. As time goes on, more and more people are recognizing how visiting a chiropractor can greatly benefit a number of other health problems, such as asthma and even allergies.

Who Knew? Chiropractic Services are Good for More Than Just Aches and Pains.

One significant problem that chiropractic services can help with is ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is responsible for interfering with a person’s nervous system. If this is news to you, then keep reading, because it’s time you were informed.

Parents of children who struggle with ADHD know how hard it can be to watch their child suffer from the disorder’s troublesome symptoms. Impulsive behavior and difficulty concentrating are two of the biggest problems that children face when they are diagnosed. These various symptoms often cause children to experience difficulty when it comes to learning, and they can pose potential problems in school and social environments as well.

Around 2 million children in the United States suffer from broken concentration, impulsive or destructive behavior in social situations, and the inability to focus while learning in school. While much about the disorder is still unknown, experts credit the problem to an overactive nervous system. So how can a chiropractor help manage this tricky disorder?

Chiropractors Help Identify Potential Triggers

Instead of masking ADHD symptoms with commonly administered stimulant drugs, a chiropractor can actually help address and manage the symptoms, possibly eliminating need for medication.

While chiropractic services don’t directly treat ADHD and cannot determine whether or not your child needs to be on medication, they can help you find ways to ease the symptoms by starting with everyday changes that can be made right at home.

For example, simple dietary and allergy tests can be performed to see which environmental and diet factors play a role in impacting your child’s nervous system. A chiropractor can also help remove any spinal subluxations, which are often culprits of an irritated nervous system.

Additionally, other environmental factors that may trigger problems with your child’s nervous system can be assessed and discussed, such as the exposure to toxic chemicals and other irritants in the household or at school. Although chiropractors cannot cure ADHD, they can help identify core problems that may contribute to the symptoms.