Keep The Winter Blues Away and Shine Like Summer!

With the long cold nights and short, gloomy gray days this of year in the Rochester area, it can be easy to forget what it feels like to be warm, sun-kissed, and glowing with nice tanned and toned skin. Many people simply let their skin go during the winter since it is mostly covered for those long drab months. However, if you plan on going on vacation somewhere warm, sunny or tropical, or if you simply want to feel a bit better about your wintery pale, dry and pasty looking skin, winter is the perfect time and the perfect excuse for indulging in one of our high quality spray tans.

If you are planning to take a cruise or a winter recess getaway, schedule your spray tans now. Be sure to ask for all of the tips on how best to prepare your skin so the spray tan you get looks its best for as long as possible. You will want to shower and shave before your spray tan and wait for at least eight hours afterwards to shower again. You can exfoliate to remove dry skin before your spray tan but do not apply lotions, deodorant or perfume. When you make an appointment, a full and fool-proof list of all of the do’s and don’ts will be provided to help you make your tanning experience the best it can be.

Taking care of your skin afterwards is just as important as taking of your skin before a spray tan. We have a line of recommended products or can advise you on the use of products you already have. The tanning can last during your entire vacation if you are conscious of products you use and stay away from products or actions that will make it fade faster than you desire.

As you surely know, spray tans are completely safe and they are the easiest and most convenient way to get that summer time glow without the risk of burns or skin cancer. You also get the satisfaction knowing you will get consistent and genuine looking results, not that smudgy or orangey tone some self tanning lotions on the market can give your skin.

A few spray tans from Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness can have you bathing suit ready right in the middle of the fiercest winter blizzard. Even if you are staying in the Rochester area, having your spray appointments already set can make spring, and the sunshine, seem that much closer.