Diagnosis: Arthritis….Now What?

Current estimates report roughly 50 million Americans suffer from arthritis. A diagnosis of arthritis at any age can be devastating. For most, it means their ability to continue working and being as active as they would like to be or living a relatively pain-free life may be limited. Too many people simply accept a life of pain and limited mobility as inevitable after they find out they have arthritis. With proper chiropractic care, arthritis does not have to mean pain and suffering with no end in sight.

When it comes to arthritis, Rochester area residents need to stay active and continue or start an exercise regimen. Resigning yourself to being inactive or immobile will only worsen symptoms and the effects of arthritis on your entire body. Adopting or continuing an inactive lifestyle can also expedite other chronic conditions made worse by arthritis, such as obesity and heart disease.

Chiropractic care can ward off the symptoms of arthritis and be the key to remaining pain-free and active for the foreseeable future. Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness can help determine an approach that will help your body move more freely and can also help correct spinal misalignments. Correcting any alignment or dislocation problems will help release built up fluid, which may be aggravating arthritis symptoms even more. A correction in alignment also allows the body to release pain fighting endorphins, which helps the body heal any other issues or causes of pain more effectively.

Perhaps one of the greatest arguments for trying chiropractic care for pain relief for arthritis is how natural it is compared to other treatments. There is currently no real cure or way to reverse the damage done by arthritis. Doctors merely treat the symptoms as they crop up. More than likely, over the counter or prescription pain killers are the primary way of dealing with this devastating and painful chronic condition. There are risks to your health if you rely on medications for your long term pain relief. Some of the physical risks include liver or kidney problems and stomach issues resulting from medications. Addiction is also a risk for those who rely on prescription medications for pain relief. With chiropractic, these risks do not exist! It is natural, non-invasive and yields real results rather than just masking on-going pain.

A thorough assessment from the our professionals can help determine if adjustments in coordination with heat and ice therapy, electrical stimulation and exercise can help you find real relief for a condition that doesn’t have to be as debilitating as it once was. For treatment for arthritis, Rochester residents may find all the help they need at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness.