Continuing plain talk about total wellness!

Continuing now, our discussion on how spinal misalignment can affect total wellness. As we discussed in the previous article, when the spine is subluxated (misaligned), nerves which pass through the spine can become pinched, which, in turn, leads to signal interference from the brain to the organs and/or back again. When there is a large amount of misalignment, the result often manifests itself as pain. Most often, it is pain that sends us to the Chiropractor to begin with.

Pain as an indicator of a problem is often the body’s last ditch attempt to inform us that there is something seriously wrong. In the case of a subluxated spine, there are often precursor signs – indicators that appear long before pain – that to the skilled observer, indicates a possible problem with spinal alignment. For example, in the days or weeks, or even years, prior to the symptomatic appearance of back pain, patients may present a variety of symptoms, including an increase (or sometimes a problematic decrease) in blood pressure, joint or organ inflammation, sweating and skin pallor, nervousness, and skin rashes. These symptoms are easily mistaken for medical problems that seem to require treatment through medicating the symptoms. While these symptoms may, for a time, disappear with the drug therapy, more often than not, they will return and will ultimately be diagnosed as a chronic, or reoccurring, problem which, in turn, leads to a continuing regimen of drug therapy.

In the Chiropractic Total Wellness approach to the treatment of chronic problems, a total exam often shows that there are several problems that need to be addressed. Misaligned spine problems are addressed through chiropractic manipulation. Organ toxicity, the presence of non-functional or hazardous materials in the body, is evaluated and a regimen of treatments, including massage and dietary changes are employed. Acupuncture treatments are considered as a means of redirecting energy and information flow, sometimes referred to as the body’s Chi. This non-drug therapy, when put together into a program of total wellness, will lead to the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Yes, the body is a wonderful machine, but, just like any machine, must be periodically tuned to restore it to peak efficiency. The Total Wellness approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual well being has been proven to bring total relief to hundreds of thousands of patients. The reluctance of the medical community to accept these proven results, stem from centuries of treating symptoms rather than the root cause of problems that occur from years of our intake of toxins and from internal structural problems which impact our body’s ability to repair and regenerate itself.
Isn’t it time you considered taking the steps to Total Wellness, of giving your body back the ability to take care of you the way God meant it to be?