Chiropractic Services that Can Help Your Child

Chiropractic services are known to help treat and manage a number of painful conditions and illnesses, but many people are unaware of how chiropractic services can help children. While many of the same services that are available to adults are available to children, there are specific services that aim to treat common problems that many children face, including things like asthma, ear infections, and even colic.

Here are some common problems your child might suffer from that chiropractic services can help with:

Asthma—Any parent that has a child who suffers from asthma knows how scary and stressful the condition can be. Asthma is an illness that can be extremely debilitating, especially for children who are in school and who are participating in various sports activities. Chiropractic services have been proven to help aid asthma suffers by aligning the neck to ensure that the brain and spinal cord are coordinating properly.

Ear Infections—Middle ear infections are very common for children and are also very painful. They usually occur due to drainage problems with the lymph system in the neck, and chiropractic care can help restore the neck tissues to their normal function. This can help eliminate or at the very least reduce the frequency and pain that accompanies your child’s ear infection.

Colic—Colic is a condition many infants experience and one that many parents have trouble diagnosing, despite the symptoms. Colic causes a baby to cry nonstop and can be very tiresome and uncomfortable for both the infant and the parent. Many cases of colic are due to irritation in the spine, and this is something chiropractic services can help with.