Our Chiropractic Services Can Help With Back Pain Relief and Prevention

Our chiropractic services can help with so much more than finding relief from an old injury or accident. Many people don’t realize continued chiropractic care can, in fact, help you avoid back pain altogether. At Campanella Health Center, we strive to help our patients resolve old issues and avoid future back pain issues as well as treat current problems you may be having.

Many people suffering with back pain may not realize misalignment may be the culprit. While there may be arthritis or disc or joint issues making you uncomfortable, a simple misalignment can cause so much more than a little pain or discomfort. Misalignments may be present for years and lead to numbness in the hands, tingling in the legs, or loss of flexibility and strength in the back and neck. Studies are also currently linking misalignments to diseases and disorders such as learning problems in children, allergies, and even increased problems with immune disorders. Everything and every system in your body is connected to your spinal column in some way. When it isn’t functioning properly, other systems can’t function properly. Correcting a misalignment may make you feel better beyond those twinges of pain in your back. Unfortunately, many people may not even realize there is an alignment issue and they continue for years compensating for the pain and accepting it as part of life.

Once you have let our professional chiropractors align your spine and relieve years of discomfort of pain, you may want to know if there is anything you can do prevent further pain. One thing is certain, continuing care with our trusted professionals will keep you aligned and fully functioning. As for true prevention of future pain, there are a few simple things we can help you with and teach you to do on your own. The first and foremost thing you, the patient, can do for yourself to help prevent future back pain issues, is to get into the best shape you can. By keeping your core muscle groups fit and tight, you keep your spine and nervous system strong and help prevent unnecessary strain. Along with keeping muscles toned, maintaining a healthy weight also helps you prevent future back pain issues and takes unnecessary stress off of your back. Our chiropractors can help you learn to maintain a proper posture throughout the day to keep your spine aligned as best you can. We will also offer common sense tips about how to sleep, lift, stand, drive and be more aware of your spinal health overall.

Once you follow proper spinal care and are active in staying healthy overall, our continued care can help you beat any past back pain issues and keep you armed and ready to ward off any new back pain. We will be a valued partner in your overall health and wellness at Campanella Health Center.