Chiropractic Care May Alleviate ADHD Symptoms

For those with ADHD or those who are struggling to find a way to help a child deal with ADHD, the struggle may seem overwhelming. Over the last decade, more and more children have been diagnosed with the behavioral disorder that can disrupt life at home and at school. Unfortunately, parents, doctors and teachers alike are often geared toward prescription medication as the only way to effectively treat this issue. Because there is no way to ever know for sure what kind of effect those medications may have down the road, parents and medical professionals are turning to alternative treatments that may actually work better than common prescription medications that often prescribed for children and adults alike.

Chiropractic care has risen to the forefront as one way to help ease the symptoms of ADHD. This behavioral and learning disorder often expresses itself as an inability to control muscle movement, inability to follow directions, or acting out at inappropriate times. Those with ADHD can’t focus or stay on task as if something is always driving them to compulsively act and behave. They may have trouble sleeping, relaxing, or paying attention during conversations. Chiropractors have found that any kind of misalignment or stress put on the nervous system between the brain and muscles can compound or worsen these ADHD symptoms. There are even studies that are beginning to show that the misalignments and nervous system interruptions may be causing most if not all of the symptoms in some diagnosed as ADHD.

Chiropractic care is a proven non-invasive way to release pressure and stress of the spinal nervous system. A proper alignment increases blood flow, muscle functions and relieves pain and discomfort that may lead to inability to get comfortable or relax. When those nerves become compressed, it can be very difficult for a child to actually purposefully control the movements that are associated with ADHD. With chiropractic treatment, a child may feel more in control and may be able to relax in a way that they never thought possible, all without a pill that may have potentially dangerous or harmful side effects.

While all of the science and causes of ADHD are still being studied, if can be tempting to try the quick fix of medication that doctors seem ready to dish out as soon as a diagnosis is made. If chiropractic care, such as with the professionals Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, can make a difference and improve the symptoms that may be interfering with daily life, you should give it a try. The affects of comprehensive chiropractic care can make a difference in the feelings of overall wellness and may be the natural, medication-free way to treat ADHD you have been searching for.