Chiropractic Care Can Help The Immune System Fight Allergies

Over the last several decades, people seem to be much more susceptible to seasonal allergies. While an increase in irritants in the air may be to blame for this increase, seasonal allergies from the changes in seasons are also on the rise everywhere. Many doctors will simply prescribe prolonged use of antihistamines or recommend a complete change in environment to deal with this serious issue. For most, using a medication forever that makes them groggy or picking up and moving simply are not the answers they are looking for. Luckily, chiropractors have found that consistent chiropractic care has proven to bring relief to many suffering from seasonal allergies.

Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness offers comprehensive treatment for a wide variety of issues ranging from chronic back and neck pain to arthritis, immune disorders or other physical ailments that some patients simply can’t find relief from anywhere else. Chiropractic care is truly a wellness approach to the whole body and can bring relief to those who can’t find it through the traditional medical establishment. Every system of the body is tied to the spine and therefore, affected by the functioning of the spine. If there is misalignment that has been there for some time or simply from birth, patients may have no idea this chronic issue is impacting so many areas of their lives. Once they seek treatment and see for themselves how proper functioning and alignment of the spine increases their overall health and wellness, they finally understand why chiropractic care has become even more popular.

With allergies, the body and the immune system are virtually under attack. The body responds with sinus problems, sneezing, itchiness and a whole host of unpleasant reactions. The immune system, like everything else, is directly affected by the spine. Once the spinal and nervous system are perfectly aligned, the immune system is no longer suppressed. Releasing this suppression frees the immune system to combat foreign irritants before they cause the most disruptive allergy issues that make your day difficult. While there is never a guarantee that chiropractic care will help everyone beat back all of the unpleasant symptoms of seasonal allergies, for some patients it may be just what the doctor ordered. For those looking to treat chronic allergies in a way that is natural, pain free, and medication free, chiropractic care can be the treatment that best helps your body help itself.