Chiropractic Care Can Ease ADD/ADHD Symptoms

ADD and ADHD are on the rise in this country and there is still no definitive cause for either condition. With estimates of over 11% of all children exhibiting some sort of behavioral disorder, it is no wonder more and more parents are trying to find any way to help their children lead a more normal and stable life at home and at school. Drugs used to treat the majority of these behavioral disorders are being manufactured at a rate of increase of 2000% over a ten year period. The sheer increase in drug prescriptions to control these behaviors is alarming in itself. Even more alarming is the fact that the long term affects of these medications on children is not fully known yet. Because of the prevalence in medicating children and the uneasiness over long term affects, more parents are trying to find natural ways to treat ADD/ADHD.

The symptoms of ADD/ADHD also go way beyond the inability to pay attention in class. Kids diagnosed with either of these conditions or other behavioral problems simply can’t sit still, can’t stop twitching or tapping, and find it difficult to be in one position too long. They tend to act out and seem more aggressive also. Any kind of pinched nerve, misalignment, or chronic pain can cause these symptoms or make them much worse on a child.

One way to treat these symptoms that seems to surprise people is through the use chiropractic care. Studies dating back to the 1970’s have been chronicling the positive effects of chiropractic care on kids who exhibit behavioral difficulties and disorders. Many researchers have found children who receive regular and targeted chiropractic care are better able to control their behavioral issues. The sheer effects of any misalignment alone are enough to cause pain and disrupt daily life for adults. The effects on children are much more compounded. Nerve problems and interference may also be to blame for some behavioral issues. Chiropractic adjustments can alleviate nerve problems and allow for proper functioning. Some of these nerve malfunctions may be what causes a seemingly good kid to be fidgety or restless and unable to stop the behavior.

While chiropractic adjustments are certainly not a cure all for every behavior problem, the improvements in some are significant enough to warrant more studies. One great draw of giving it a try before automatically turning to prescription medications is the fact that chiropractic care is all natural and you are not taking the risk of adverse side effects in the future. You should be able to judge within a few weeks of consistent care whether or not chiropractic care is having a positive effect and helping you and your child cope with a behavior problems in a natural, drug-free way.