Carpal Tunnel and the Neck

For years, we have been told that Carpal Tunnel was an issue created by typing for long hours at the computer. It turns out that this is only partially right. The real truth is that Carpal Tunnel actually has nothing to do with the hands themselves. Of course, this would explain why so many individuals buy wrist braces, wrist supports, and even get carpal tunnel surgery, only to have the condition return.

It also explains why individuals who might not use a computer for several hours a day might develop Carpal Tunnel. It happens every day. Labor workers, janitors, and butchers are all at risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. At first glance, these professions have nothing in common. However, when you understand the real cause of Carpal Tunnel, it all makes sense.

The truth is that Carpal Tunnel starts in your neck. The median nerve, which is the nerve affected in Carpal Tunnel, is actually located in your neck. With all of the straining that your neck endures throughout the day, added neck strain and poor posture that is often present during computer use is just too much. As a result, the muscle can actually become pinched. This too often occurs within the neck. Until the issue within the neck is addressed, no amount of conventional Carpal Tunnel treatment will work.

A chiropractor can help resolve Carpal Tunnel issues. They start by performing an evaluation on your neck and spinal cord. After an evaluation of the neck area is performed, if position problems are found, adjustment can be done to help treat Carpal Tunnel. This can help alleviate pressure placed on the median nerve.

Additional treatment may also be needed, especially if irritation of the nerve is severe. Other treatment can include cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, or cold therapy. Your chiropractor can help determine the treatment that is best for your particular situation.