There CAN be relief for Chronic Back Pain!

Millions of people deal with back pain every day. For those in Rochester, back pain relief can be found at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness. While back pain affects so many people, it also affects them for a wide variety of reasons. For some, back pain is the obvious result of an injury of accident. It can also stem from a birth defect or disease of the joints, nerves or bones. Lifestyle behaviors can also lead to back pain. Regardless of the cause, most back pain can be helped through professional chiropractic care.

Proper chiropractic treatment can address the source of the pain and possibly relieve it altogether. As an all natural way to treat pain which can be downright unbearable, more and more people are seeking out chiropractic care over long term use of pain medication. One way in which chiropractic care works to alleviate pain more reliably and safely over the use of medication is the nature of the adjustments. A proper adjustment can promote the body’s natural healing properties. The right amount and type of chiropractic adjustment can free blocked nerves and passages, allowing the body to work to heal the actual source of pain. Pain medication only masks the pain and never works to treat the source.

Chiropractic care for back pain involves a specific series of pushing, pulling, and twisting. Sometimes a combination of heat and electrical stimulation therapies may be needed along with the adjustments and manipulations of the spine. While a few people may still be leery, many know professional chiropractic care, like what you will receive at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, is no longer seen as experimental or alternative medicine. It is proven to be a mainstream treatment for many common ailments. It is more accepted because it simply works. If used in coordination with traditional pain management, you must be sure to let both the chiropractor and family doctor know what treatments you are under.

While some conditions, even some back pain felt by Rochester area residents, may never be completely cured or alleviated, chiropractic care can really help and make life more bearable. There is never any reason to continue being in pain or to accept that there is no relief other than long term pain medication use. Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness can at least assess your pain level and, more often than not, provide the relief you may have never known you could have.