Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness Can Help Anyone Achieve Total Wellness

There have been recent reports that point to a startling amount of Americans who feel they suffer from a significant amount of anxiety and stress. Millions report anxiety and stress affect their daily lives. While a certain amount of stress can kick start or motivate someone, stress can also cause physical ailments and take a real toll on overall health and wellness. A certain amount of anxiety is also part of daily life and nothing to worry about. However, not being able to control or lessen a rational amount of anxiety can lead to very real and harmful physical and mental effects.

At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, we recognize the toll stress and anxiety can have on someone and we are dedicated to helping everyone find the proper treatment or technique to help with both stress and anxiety. One specialty practice we offer to patients is chiropractic treatment. You may wrongfully assume chiropractic care is just for physical pain and discomfort of the back or neck. It can help in so many other ways. Chiropractic treatment frees up energy pathways, nerves, blood flow, and oxygen to help the body better respond to stress and anxiety. These treatments have been shown to increase feel good endorphins, mood stabilizing hormones, and increase the workings of the immune system. All of these benefits combine to help clients feel better, prepared to handle daily stress and anxiety in a healthy way.

We also specialize in acupuncture. For thousands of years, people have touted the benefits of acupuncture for many ailments, including stress and anxiety. Acupuncture works to relax the body and increase blood flow to areas that are stressed. Anxiety and stress literally builds up in the body, causing muscle aches, headaches, stiffness, and general lack of energy. Acupuncture corrects all of these problems and more, helping patients achieve a true sense of total wellness.

Massage therapy also has obvious benefits for those suffering from debilitating stress and anxiety. Massage therapy physically relaxes the muscles, releasing the tension that stress and anxiety has led to. Our massage therapists work to leave you not only physically more relaxed, but mentally rejuvenated so you can better deal with minor stress and anxiety before it becomes major.
For those who are desperate to achieve relief from stress and anxiety without medication or having to alter the lifestyle they have, calling on the professionals at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness is the best step forward. With all natural treatments that garner real, safe, proven, and positive results, stress and anxiety can be a thing of the past.