The Benefits of Aqua Massage Compared to a Traditional Massage

Everyone dreams of lying back, relaxing, and having all of their pain, discomfort, stresses, and anxieties massaged away. But, for some, the idea of lying there, without clothes, waiting for some stranger to come in with cold or tired hands to massage them is just plain unsettling. In fact, many people may even cite this as a primary reason they have never inquired about a massage even though they may know there are definite benefits to be had. At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, you can finally enjoy the much needed mental and physical benefits of a massage while leaving all of those worries and fears about the process behind. The answer is aqua massage therapy.

An aqua massage therapy machine looks much a like a tanning bed. You climb inside, completely clothed, and lay down. You are encased and protected from the actual water so you stay dry while getting an aqua massage; yet you feel the undeniably soothing benefits of the water. There are a multitude of high pressured jets that pulsate up and down the body. The temperature and the pressure of an aqua massage are perfectly suited to release tension, increase circulation, relieve muscle pain, decreases pain and stiffness throughout the body, and give you that peace of mind that you would feel from a traditional massage.

Many doctors and health advocates recommend aqua massage therapy as a way to deal with the affects of fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety, and many other chronic painful conditions. It can easily be added to any health and wellness routine you may be advised to practice. With an aqua massage, you literally are able to have all of the benefits of a traditional massage without all of the worries about modesty. You also get the same benefits each and every time, which simply can’t be said for utilizing the services of a masseuse. When you go in for a massage the old-fashioned way, you have no way of knowing if you are getting the best services that person can produce simply because they are human. You could be the last person on the schedule of an overly tired masseuse who is physically unable to give you their full attention. Or, you could simply end up with someone inexperienced or just not that good at their job. With aqua massage therapy, you get the same results and 100% performance from the machine every time.

Let the experts at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness schedule an appointment for you to give aqua massage a try. Even if you have always enjoyed and found relief from traditional massages in the past, give aqua massage a chance and see what this new technology can do for you.