There is More to an Aqua Massage than You May Know!

At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer a wide range of medical and spa services to help clients across the board. We also help our clients lead a better, more pain free, life. One technique we have as part of our business is aqua massage. Aqua massage is a relatively new procedure that has a wide range of benefits and simply feels like paradise while it helps you.

Aqua massage entails entering a chamber of sorts that is much like a tanning bed. Inside, you lie down and relax as typically 36 jets apply water to certain parts of your body. The jets apply different amounts of pressure to different parts of the body depending on what exactly you wish to address. It is sometimes called hydro-massage or a water massage. Many chiropractic offices and spas now offer aqua jet services.

Aqua massage has the extra benefit of being a bit more private than a typical massage. Many people may find it anything but relaxing to disrobe and lie on a massage table while a stranger attempts to massage your cares away. The fear or general anxiety some may have about getting a traditional massage or even during a traditional massage only backfire and make many people much more tense and stressed. With an aqua massage, you actually remain fully dressed. The jets pound away with strong pulses or streams while you never get wet. Being fully dressed and not ever having to worry about the hands of a stranger make an aqua massage so much more appealing to many customers. The added sound of water is also an added soothing sensation that traditional massage just can’t provide.

As far as medical conditions eased or comforted by our aqua massage services, the list is only growing. For those who just have tension and stress issues, aqua massage can be a full body service to give you a total and complete sense of wellness. Or, for patients with concentrated pain or discomfort, the jets can be adjusted to address the needs of a particular area. From minor aches and pains to severe, debilitating pain, an aqua massage offers varying degrees of relief. It has been used and shown to improve the painful or uncomfortable symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, sciatica, muscle spasms, and even sleep issues. Stress relief, depression and posture problems have all been known to improve with regular and targeted aqua massage. Whether you just need a peaceful, quiet and relaxing way to spend an afternoon or want targeted treatment to help you live a more pain-free life, see us about trying aqua massage.