Acupuncture is the Solution to Headaches caused by Seasonal Allergies!

At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we know there are many ways to treat a wide variety of conditions. Many natural ways have been around for thousands of years because they worked then and they work now. One ancient practice that we continue to use to treat patients today is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a treatment involving the insertion of tiny needles just under the skin along specific pathways or pressure points located throughout the body. The insertion of the needles is not painful at all and has been used for conditions ranging from minor pain, emotional distress, fatigue, to very serious illnesses from fibromyalgia to anxiety disorders. Almost any ailment in between has also been treated with acupuncture for centuries. Because the benefits are becoming so widely known and accepted in western culture, acupuncture is being used or prescribed by more and more mainstream doctors.

At Campanella Chiropractic, we have seen evidence of the benefits of treating headaches and allergies with acupuncture. For most people, over the counter medicine or prescription medications have been the only relief doctors have dished out to patients who suffer from allergies and or headaches. Often times, people who deal with severe allergies are told to avoid the allergen that incites adverse reactions. With seasonal allergies, people feel tired, foggy, stuffy, suffer from congestion, eye irritation, itchy throats and noses, sinus problems, and even trouble sleeping. Headaches are also a symptom of allergies and can be debilitating on their own. A headache, even a minor one, can stop you in your tracks and disrupt your entire day. Western medicine exemplifies treating the symptoms as they crop up over traditional ancient treatments, such as acupuncture, that focus on the whole body, whole person, and that patients well-being overall.

With acupuncture, every body system is connected and one ailment can affect the functions of the entire body. Acupuncture treats the imbalance of the immune system that makes seasonal allergies such a problem for people all over the country. Acupuncture works to open pathways and release energy, getting the body back on track to control allergies and relieve headaches in the process.

With long term treatment and consistent use, seeing an acupuncturist can greatly improve a patients overall life. By treating the whole body and helping the immune system combat allergens before they lead to unpleasant symptoms and headaches, acupuncture can be a preventive treatment that leaves patients healthier and happier.