If You Suffer From Carpal Tunnel, Rochester Chiropractic Care May Help

It does not matter what your income level or education level is carpal tunnel can strike across almost any career field. From working in a grocery store, assembly line, keyboard or even surgery, the repetitive motion and vibration you put your hands and wrist through take a toll after a while in the work place. For years, doctors merely prescribed pain killers, special braces and even surgery to ease the pain, tingling and numbness that indicate progressive carpal tunnel. However, more and more doctors and patients alike are coming to realize that chiropractic care can help carpal tunnel Rochester sufferers just as effectively as surgery.

Carpal tunnel is also more than a nuisance or pain people find a way to endure. When it comes to the workplace, carpal tunnel Rochester sufferers take more time off than their counterparts and it is the number one reported source of workplace injuries in the entire country. Recent studies cite that over 60% of all workplace injury claims are related to carpal tunnel. While many of our jobs simply require the repetitive motions and usage that lead to carpal tunnel, you don’t have to just suffer from it. Even if it may be unavoidable side effect of your employment, you can still treat it while it is relatively minor rather than debilitating. If not treated, it can reach a point where you feel virtually held hostage by the pain and aching. It may very well interfere with daily life beyond the workplace. And as expected, it can greatly affect your ability to continue to do your job at all.

Carpal tunnel Rochester workers suffer with stems from the strain on the on the bones, nerves and muscles. That pain and discomfort filters up the spinal column and the pain simply spreads. All of the systems from the tips of your fingers to your neck are all interconnected and aligned together. If there is any disruption or compression of one area, the other areas become susceptible to that pain and discomfort also. Expert chiropractic care from the professionals at Campanella Wellness and Chiropractic can help ease the pain, ease the strain and make your life much more pain free.

While carpal tunnel Rochester residents may be afflicted with can’t be cured or even avoided by some, try chiropractic care before believing the only hope is medications or surgery.