Workout Tips to Make Snow Shoveling Less Painful

Is it possible for anyone to look forward to shoveling snow? It’s cold, time consuming, and frustrating. Have you ever spent all day getting to the end of the driveway only to have the plow guy race by and blow a ton of dirty, heavy, wet snow back into the path you just shoveled? That may be a pain we all can relate to, but back pain doesn’t have to be.

Sitting in your recliner watching the white stuff fly while you sip hot cocoa is no way to prepare your body for the workout it will get when you go out to shovel. You need to be in shape before you head out or you will certainly realize what out of shape feels like when you’re done.

You don’t have to attend an extreme fitness camp for snow shovelers or XGames for those who clear sidewalks to be in good shape and protect yourself from injury. There are simple at home exercises anyone can do. The main exercises to protect yourself need to be core exercises.

One simple core exercise is squats. These will tighten up abs and help with posture. If you focus on your abs and do your best to keep a good posture, core muscles will start to strengthen. Straight leg lifts help build up those core muscles too. One very important piece of information is to stretch beforehand. Never go straight from the chair to shoveling duty. Stretching your back and legs will help loosen muscles and this is essential for avoiding any kind of injury.

When it comes to avoiding injuries, take it from your Rochester NY chiropractic specialists at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, and take care of your body before you shovel so you won’t have to deal with back pain as a result.