Swimming for Back Pain Relief

Swimming is about more than splashing around and playing Marco Polo. It is often a recommended form of physical therapy and post-surgical therapy, especially for any kind of back pain or back injury. If you suffer from any level of back pain or have been dealing with an injury that prevents you from using your back as you once could, swimming might be the best form of exercise for you.

Swimming is low impact but with high results. The buoyancy of the water prevents gravity from pressuring the spine, including any herniated or bulging disc. Water alleviates pain, especially when you assume a supine position so the water supports the back.

When you swim, use consistent and repetitive strokes so you get a full range of motion minus weight-bearing pressure. The backstroke in particular strengthens your muscles and minimizes pain during your workout. The resistance of the water makes your joints feel lighter and less painful.

So where’s the best pool to experience joint pain relief Rochester NY? Plenty of options are located in Upstate New York. School pools are ideal since they often provide free swim hours for the public during the summer. Local town pools are useful as well if you’d like to have a regular swimming workout. Check out swim schedules to experience the health benefits in Penfield, Webster, Brighton, and Victor.

The YMCA may be your best bet for water therapy. The Southeast Family Branch in Pittsford and the Victor Active Family Branch in Victor, New York, are ideal locations.

Once you find a convenient spot that works with your schedule, give swimming a try to experience joint pain relief. For more information on the benefits of swimming, call Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness (joint pain relief Rochester NY) at 585-334-4060. We will help you feel the much needed relief you need.