The Secret to Why Shoveling Snow is Hurting Your Back

Have you ever laid back on a heating pad and thought: “Ahh, that’s better but why does this hurt so much?” If you have, then you might have a thing or two to learn about your back and what causes that pain.

The pain from shoveling is very real. Shoveling snow is one of the leading causes for emergency room visits in the north each year. Even if you don’t need to see a doctor or a Rochester NY chiropractic specialist after putting the shovel away and feeling those muscles tense up, you need to know what is going on when that pain starts.

You can’t just go from the couch to the driveway and move a ton of wet heavy snow with bad form and no muscle tone and not expect it to hurt you later. The main reason for the pain is your muscles. The key muscles used when shoveling are your core muscles. Those would be the muscles supporting your spine, like your abs. If you are not in good shape and those muscles haven’t seen a workout since last winter, they will get fatigued sooner and you’ll have a higher chance of injury. Since they may be lacking in strength, the surrounding muscles need to pick up the slack. Those muscles are ultimately weaker than your core muscles to begin with. This leads to more strain. More strain leads to more pain.

The only way to avoid having to bear the pain is to strengthen those muscles before the flakes need removing. What’s the worst snow storm you remember having to shovel out from?