Get Back to Enjoying Your Summer Vacation (advanced chiropractic Rochester NY)

Summer is the time to relax, enjoy life, and let loose a little. It is time to get away and go where you want, spend time with family and friends, and dive into activities you love. But if you have a bad back, you might find yourself dreading summer and instead find excuses to stay behind from the fun. Back pain limits every aspect of life including travel, leisure activities, and especially summer vacation. With help from the advanced chiropractic in Rochester NY, you can get back to enjoying summer vacation.

Pool parties are one great way to enjoy the hot and humid days of summer. You might not be able to run across the walkway and do a cannonball into the pool to impress your friends, but you can still enjoy pool time fun. Swimming improves muscle tone and a good soak in the water helps you avoid injuries. Finding a comfortable chair by the pool is also a great way to enjoy the party without risking back pain.

You can play horseshoes, golf, or garden. To minimize pain, be cautious with twisting motions while you play even mild sports. Develop techniques that protect your back. If you garden, kneel to weed instead of bending your back. Take your time to get the job done so your back and joints don’t get strained.

Many people enjoy bonfires during their summer vacation. You can enjoy s’mores, drinks, hot dogs, and late-night conversations, but you need to think ahead to protect your back. If you are going to carry wood for the fire, keep the amount short and bend correctly. Find a comfortable chair, but don’t forget to get up every so often and change spots so your back doesn’t tense up.

Don’t let back issues prevent you from the summer time activities you love. You don’t have to stay home and watch the fun from a distance. Find ways to participate in the cookouts, pool parties, gardening, and outdoor fun you look forward to all year. If you experience back pain even though you exercise caution and proper back care, let our advanced chiropractic Rochester NY help you with a treatment plan throughout the summer.