When Exercise Goals are Interrupted by Back Pain

You may be getting a little older, or you may have put your body through a lot over years of intense exercise or misuse. But, now you want to get it all back together and start the New Year right with an exercise routine to get back in shape. But, are your lofty workout goals being slowed down by back pain?

Back pain can affect every aspect of your life. The thing with back pain is that if it goes untreated or you keep doing the same thing that injures or strains the same muscles, you will never find relief. Going out there on the football field to reclaim your old glory this year or hitting the track to beat your old cross country time are nice goals in theory. But, if you have any back issues, those goals will never get off the ground. Knowing how to get your back in the best shape possible and how to treat existing back pain issues is the first step you need to take to get started with your exercise goals.

Back pain can affect more than your back. It can radiate down your legs and slow your running and walking down. It can lead to neck pain and arm tingling, which can interrupt weight lifting or any other exercise. Back pain can be helped and you can get back out there. You just have to address your current back pain issues first. The Rochester NY back pain experts at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness can help determine what your pain is from and also what you can be doing to control it. Our back pain services can be the ticket to keeping any pain from interrupting your New Year’s goals. You don’t have to settle for slowing down. You just have to understand how to keep pain at bay and how to reach those goals without causing any new back pain issues.