Doctors Are Seeing More and More Children With Back Pain

If you have children, you may already know they carry many more books back and forth to school than we had to. The sheer load children carry in their backpacks everyday now has become more than just a bulky burden. It is becoming a true health hazard for children. School age children, all the way up through high school, are literally still growing. The issue of intense physical burden of heavy backpacks is adversely affecting that growth and their spinal health in general. Heavy backpacks are essentially a huge health hazard for children all around the country and doctors are just now beginning to see the long term affects.

When a still-growing child has to carry what can amount to 20% of their body weight on their backs while walking to and from school, the pressure on their backs, neck, and shoulders is overwhelming. In fact, the weight alone is being blamed for a marked increase in curvature of the spines in school age children and a serous increase in back, neck, and shoulder pain complaints. When a back pulls on a child, they instinctively walk leaning forward, which also affects their spines. They also tend to sling a heavy backpack over one shoulder, which leads to pain and irregular growth. Their posture is naturally negatively affected as well.

While many parents have been petitioning schools to lighten the load, doctors have been advising children to carry the load smarter, with as little strain and pain on the back, neck, and shoulders as possible. However, for some children, the damage may already be done as they contend with back pain that lingers long after they take the load off. Chiropractic care and advice has been proven to help even the youngest children contend with the negative effects of a heavy backpack. If your child has been complaining of pain or you have noticed a difference in posture or how they carry themselves, find out whether chiropractic treatment may help and how to adjust the load to prevent any further pain or damage.