We Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Goals

While some people set New Year’s goals with little hope of keeping them, we know some take the opportunity to get back in shape very seriously. We get one body in this lifetime and keeping it in shape and pain free is the best way to enjoy every second of it. At Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness, our Rochester NY back pain experts will work with you individually to help initiate a plan so you can keep those goals in check.

If your goal is to run for the first time or to start lifting for strength training, we can help explain the best techniques for warming up and avoiding injury. We can help you set realistic goals and keep you focused on the end goal. If any kind of back or neck pain has been a factor, consistent and effective treatment of that pain while you are working on your goals is a must. We will work hard to get to the bottom of any pain you have and help figure out how to treat it best. Once we know what the source of the pain is, our back pain experts can come up with ways to help you still get fit without causing any more damage.

With our treatment services, you can get out there feeling confident in accomplishing your goals and also feel pain-free while you work towards them. With advice and guidance from our Rochester NY back pain specialists, your goals for physical health and wellness will be accomplished before you know it.