Aqua Massage May be the Best Way to Put the Long Winter Behind You

The Rochester NY chiropractor at Campanella Chiropractic and Wellness can help you get out of winter mode and welcome spring with a new vigor and sense of wellness. If you have had enough of winter and want to feel great about the spring ahead, ask us about how aqua massage therapy can be the key to kicking those winter blues, aches and pains away.

Our aqua massage machine is made up of 36 jets that slowly go up and down the body. The great thing is that the machine doesn’t require you to remove your clothes, and it won’t get you wet. This is ideal for those who need the benefits of massage therapy but are a little nervous or apprehensive about disrobing in front of a person they hardly know. It is also quicker than a traditional massage and leaves you feeling just as great. It is also very affordable.

The health benefits of an aqua massage are much like those of a regular massage. You will feel the tension releasing from your entire body. Aqua massage therapy also gives you pain relief benefits. One major benefit it creates is the increase in circulation. This allows the body to deal with a wide range of issues and even boosts immune systems.

Our Rochester NY chiropractor can help make sure you get all of the information you want to give aqua massage a try. After the winter we have endured, you deserve a break. You deserve to feel good again. Let us help you get there with aqua massage therapy.